Cards for Soldiers

Monday, November 23, 2009

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Make cards in any way that you want. All different, all the same, or a mix of both. A2 size cards are the most efficient to package up and ship (300+ will fit in a box), however all sizes are fine and appreciated. Do what you are comfortable with and again have fun. Try not to have thick embellishments and glitter is discouraged for the safety of the troops. We are told it can get on their clothing and be seen with night vision goggles.

When you sign up you will sign up for how many you want to do 15,30,45,100. whatever # works for you. You will also tell us what time zone you are in. The time zone will tell us to whom you will ship your cards to when you are finished.

That shipper will then compile all the cards and send them to units on the ground in Iraq, Afghanistan, or other bases. Each time zone has 2 or 3 units (a unit is 120-160 soldiers) to ship to.

Shipping is an expense to us that all the shippers have taken on out of their own pocket. However if you want to donate a dollar or two for shipping expense overseas then we welcome that. All money donated goes to pay for shipping to the units. YOU DO NOT have to donate any money to participate in this project.

If you have any qualms or questions about what we are doing with Cards for Soldiers, please ask in the thread. There are several great ladies that keep this going and are usually around. You will get a much quicker reply on the thread than you will with a pm.

Thank you for joining us and for standing behind our troops.



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